Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mushrooms and peppers

The daily rains continue to make mushrooms pop up everywhere. 

This one was in Mary Grace and Ryan's front yard. 

To give you a sense of scale!

The girls used to love these. We called them puffballs. They emitted a puff of smoke when you poked or stepped on it. It was really just spores coming out of the little hole in the top. 

We thought this one looked like a mini loaf of banana bread. 

I've been craving stuffed peppers. Decided to venture out with these other colors since they were on sale and beautiful. 

Turkey and brown rice. Aren't I virtuous?

Colorful enough?

They were so big. This recipe usually makes 10-12. I thought I might cry when I finished my serving. Dieting will do that to you. 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ok...more in the Sugar Wars. Healthy snack. Fuji apples and cheddar. 

For the creepy files. The Woolvertons were cleaning out their garage and discovered this behind the shelves. Yikes 

A planter?!?!

Ed's 60th birthday. He wanted his usual gizzards and livers. A few hearts were included. 

As promised. $150 recliner. MG helped assemble. 

Turned out pretty cute

The Patrick's new dining table. They found it at the restaurant convention. This woman makes furniture out of reclaimed wood. Love it. 

Oh and just so you know, I'm doing the crossword with my Flair pen!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sugar Wars redeclared

Was so excited to find that the doctor who so lovingly treated both my parents was joining the staff at our SFB clinic. He apparently discovered that he wasn't quite ready for total retirement. I happily went in to discuss my blood test results. Not so good. Blood sugar and cholesterol high. He told me to lose 25 pounds immediately and said he may have to call my mama if I don't ! He went on and on glowingly to the NP about what excellent patients both my parents were. So here we go again with my diet. 

Ok not the best start. Ryan made these sandwiches for Sophie, MG and I Saturday. Oh my , maybe he should look into a career in the restaurant business. This had 3 kinds of meat and some kind of great cheese, rosemary bread, chopped romaine, tomato with red wine and olive oil all toasted up.  

Ok. A little better

Even better. 

More cool mushrooms in the Patrick yard. 

Those colors

Daphne looked so funny sitting up on the couch. 

This really happened. Ed duct taped his chair arm that Pepper has clawed up. The perpetrator looks on. 

What do you think? Pretty neat job. Well this forced us to buy another one online. It was cheap and we will consider it disposable. I'll let you know what a $150 recliner looks like. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Remember Flair pens? They were the first felt tip markers introduced in the early 70's. We all fell in love with them. Amy bought some of the rereleased version. 

Look who is visiting for a week. 

Pool was a little green. Yuck 

Baby Leila napped under the umbrella. 

So sweet

Speaking of boy on a dolphin is a lovely shade. 

The yard is like a jungle with the daily rain and heat. 

Brody was serving up pretend cake to Aunt Cherry. 

He drove out into a sudden shower

Nana Jan tried to demonstrate pedaling technique. 

Leila was unimpressed. 

Brody was learning scissor skills. I tried to impress him with my paper dolls.  He promptly cut them apart. I put faces on a few that remained uncut. He requested that I throw away that center one with it's tongue out. 

Ryan and Chris installed Candy's new book shelves. 

Chris celebrated with this move (?). 

She sent me this pic later with it all filled up. 

Paul asked for a picture of Sophie creating art as a child. That was difficult. Looking at our thousands of pictures revealed that we did a lot of eating and swimming. Found this one of Dupree as a biker. 

Cute one of the girls with big Pop and Opal. Typical Mary Grace pose. 

Another cute one of Papaw doling out apple and peanut butter to Whitney. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Meet Leila

Finished these flowers up for our choir director's good bye lunch. Pepper looks like he is surveying the buffet. 

Next I arranged some for Cary's birthday / homecoming. 

He got in on that too. 

Uh oh...piggy got disemboweled. 

Doesn't look like he has much on his mind either.  

We got to meet Leila! She smiled at great grandmother. 

So precious. 

I can't believe that she is 30!

Chocolate lasagna at her request. 

Parker has gotten so tall. 

Brody enjoyed the singing. Our birthday songs have improved with Paul and Joe's voices. 

Brody helped blow out the candles. 

I gave Cary a card with cats meowing the birthday song. He opened it about 30 times until we convinced him to eat cake. 

And then sometimes you have to wear a lunch bag hat.