Thursday, October 20, 2016

Changes acoming

A cold front is blowing through right now. High winds are whipping the trees. Ed hears a huge clattering noise. 


Our column was laying in the driveway ! Ed brought it into the garage. Foundation shifting made it loose. 


A couple of wasps had the ride of their lives. Last night a huge snake came into the garage. Ed wrangled it out with our old sailboat stick with a hook on it. He flung it out! He says we are moving. 


A bargain was struck. Jan had been buying a Sam's chicken and sharing it with me. She likes the breast and I use the rest. I told her I needed to buy the next one. She said no, what I really want is some of your cabbage rolls. I obliged. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Had a craving for Quiche Lorraine. Assembled necessary ingredients - eggs, bacon, onions, Swiss cheese and milk/cream and made the traditional French pie. 


Turned out perfect. I subbed green onions because they were all I had. But it got me thinking about the first quiche I ever had. Believe it or not, quiche was not widely made in the US until the early 80's when it became very popular. I was at Murrah in 75 or 76 when we could get extra credit for bringing in a French food. I was always on top of extra credit!! I'm sure Madame Prater was as eager as us to get out of class work. Well of course Mom offered to help. We found a recipe in Southern Sideboards for a traditional French quiche Lorraine. I can't remember much about how it turned out but I know we were pleased with our results. I pulled out the cookbook and looked it up. 

Look at all that butter, cream and bacon. I made my own recipe. Thanks Mom for always helping me out. A scholar I wasn't. Can't speak hardly any French. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Graveyard crawl

Sophie is working on a Christmas fundraiser for Fondren Renaissance. Artists are making ornaments to sell. She had the idea to incorporate a tombstone rubbing from one of the Fondren family's stones. She did a little research and found that there were some in Greenwood cemetery and Lakewood. We started in Greenwood. 


This is the oldest Jackson city cemetery. Mary Grace drove us in the Subaru which is a good thing since we had to off road it a bit. The roads in the oldest section were very narrow and we needed to turn around. MG bumped right up on an empty section and made a u turn. Sophie and I were screaming " don't run over graves"!!  


One of the first things we saw was this cornerstone. 


Beautiful oldstones 


We had a map and came across this scene. 


This is Little Bob. He was the loyal dog of a little girl who died. The sweet pet spent all the rest of his days by her grave, returning home each night. When he died the family went to court to allow him to be buried there and a statue of him placed there. 


Next we found the Fondren family plots. Got some great rubbings. She intends to use the word Fondren in her project. 


Paid a visit to Eudora. 


These old cedar trees cast a gorgeous canopy. 


Giant magnolia trees   


Thought this may have been the family of the historic home but Sophie said no. He was a past mayor though. 


One of the more prominent families of early Jackson. 


Loved these unusual dark iron markers. 


Great view down West Street. 


We puzzled over this closed hand symbol. I know what most mean but had never seen this one. 


The answer was on the side of the monument. He was a beloved teacher of deaf children. That was a symbol was a sign language hand signal. 


Made this rubbing of an A. 


Pretty border. It was a great adventure. Love old cemeteries and all the history the hold. It was very hot despite it being mid October. We fixed that with a big ole frozen margarita at Picante's afterward. 

No mo gnome

I used to mark the fall season with this little gnome. 


He would hold a pumpkin full of goodies. Bushels
of candy corn, piles of those little candy pumpkins, heaps of Hershey's miniatures (Mr. Goodbar was the best) and probably the epitome of fall treats - mounds of fall colored kisses. Dang you diabetes. 

When your friend is a movie star.

Just a day at the movies


Candy as a troll. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blister packs


Just a little whining for today. Why does it have to be so difficult to take your allergy meds? What are we being kept safe from? Once the little pack comes out of it's cardboard box, that is when the fun begins. Then you have to peel off the little square perforated (supposedly) pieces of paper. Then you try to throw it away and it flutters away and lands next to the trash can on the floor. Then you try to punch the pill through the tough as nails foil piece. Then it pops out and lands in or near the toilet. 


Beggar alert


Got a couple more pics from Ivy. 


Looks incredible. Hope they come back!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Signs of fall


Had a few spider lillies come up after all. 


Ivy and Tripp having fun in Colorado.