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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

More cold and Book Club

More cold has come our way. We have spent 2 more days inside. 

There are stand offs over the best sofa spots. 

Truff finding a tent under my feet. 

Like I used to tell the girls when I had an empty tube. Everything is funnier when spoken through a tube. Truff was not amused. 

Had Mary Grace this picture of this cute bird nest. It was not easy because this was a rose bush. 

Book Club at Priscilla’s. Beautiful plate. All was so good. Didn’t get a picture of fabulous deep dish apple pie with crunchy top. Yum. 

All here but Sue. But we had a special visitor. 

Baby Mary Somers. And of course Mom, Melanie! 

She is a doll. 

She sat and visited a bit. 

She even approved the menu. But she only had eyes for Nana!! 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Little visitors

First off, Toby got a bath...on the coldest day of the year. He needed it though and he got a blow dry. 

Got so excited that Brody and Lelia were coming over. I went in the freezing attic and got toys. They all love those castles. 

Toby did not like that baby doll and he let her know. 

She was not getting away with anything. To my disappointment, Lelia is not a doll lover yet. At least I got to play with her a bit. I always loved every kind of doll. 

As predicted they loved the castles. 

Well she did check baby’s diaper. And compared the doll’s belly button to her own. 

Can’t go wrong with cars. 

Then we made peanut butter blossoms. 

I couldn’t believe his patience as I showed him how we wait and squish them as the chocolate melts. 

He did great! Lelia just wanted the plain kisses. She is a purist. 

The final pay off. Hot completely melted chocolate. 

In case you missed it. Article in CL about The Bank 

She did a nice job. 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

It’s 2018 now in New York at least. Here in Mississippi I have another hour of 2017. Thoughts on the year? Lots of bad things but lots of good things  What I’m thinking about though. 1970. My friend Jennie and I spending the night at her house. Laying on the floor of her living room in our sleeping bags listening to the count down of the top hits of the year. On her clock radio. I can remember hearing James Taylor’s Fire and Rain. I’ll Be Thereby MIchael. Bridge over Troubled Water. Ma Belle Ami. Wow.  So many good songs 

Our New Years scene. 

Ok I’m a little obsessed   Read the new one Sing Unburied Sing. Was almost through and checked the library and reserved Salvage the Bones. She is so good!

Our next endeavor. Ham. 

And this.  Jerky. Apparently winter makes us stock up on meat. 

Dehydrator humming into the night. 

Holidays 2

This is part 2 so be sure you see previous post. 

On to the Norwood’s for Christmas Day festivities. 

Mom and Ed. 

Paul and Joe

Jan, working hard. 

Tradition dictates a reading of the Christmas story from Luke. 

Always brings a tear to my eye.

Lil bit of everything dessert plate. 

2 nights later we gathered to see Cary and her babies. Bowls always make a good hat. 

Brody told Paul to keep making funny faces. 

My gifts of fish tails were not a hit with the kids but Ashley and Jan liked them. 

A doctor kit was fun. 

Even Elmo got checked. 

Paul also got shark bit 

Brody and T

Uncle Bryan tried to figure out a transformer toy.  

Took a walk to the lake a couple of days later. Look at that girl with her hands in her newly discovered pockets. 

Brody was throwing rocks in the water. 

This swing episode was frightening. 

They let Jan take a ride but when I got on Lelia tried to push me out. 

Then they headed home in the best possible way. Red wagon.