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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

She's got legs

And knows how to clean them🎶. Or something like that. Since we are getting all new wood floors all furniture legs need to be cleaned and felt pads put on. No big deal, right? Well no. A. They are filthy and B. There are so MANY. IF Spike the the wizzer was here I would hand him a rag and say "get to work man". 

4 down 10,000 to go. 

What a variety. 

 Ed's dresser. 


Always loved this grape detail on it. 


Duncan Phyfe


Modified ball and claw. 


Animal foot

How many legs in this picture. Did you count my 2 reflected in the mirror? 

Cabinets going in. 


Love them. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Bad dog (not really)


Oh no! Dupree, what did you do? 

Tub area done. Plumber on the way. 


Master bath floor done. 

Laundry room and half bath floor. 

 Blue Hawaiian drink. We dubbed this blue day at the Lost Rabbit pool. I was glad to get out of fumes and dust. 


First pool day of the season. All the blues were beautiful. 


Book Club at Kathy's. Crabmeat salad filled avocados. 


She started us off with crawfish bread (at right side of plate). Shrimp and grits, the avocado, praline bacon 😋 and pepper bacon. I left off the tea biscuits with fig or pear preserves ( aren't I virtuous?). We are so glad she loves to cook. 


These small magnolias for the centerpiece were real! 


These two guys made it all more fun. 


The book we read, Dollbaby, was set in New Orleans so the menu was spot on. We finished up with Bananas Foster and French roast coffee with chicory. Perfect 
We all enjoyed the book. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tile days


Terrible floors go out

New tub awaits the new surround  

I love this tile for master bath. 


Kitchen backsplash gets subway tile. 

Tub is ready 


Kitchen tile almost done. 


Tile going up. That waterproof pink paint is a little shocking. 


Now we just need grout and plumbing. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Let there be light

Just realized I forgot to post latest reno pictures. If you are reading this one be sure to scroll down to see camping post. 


The installer had this really interesting leveler that held the slabs in place while he sealed the joint. 


Counters and lights are in. Left protective film on until tile goes in Monday. 


Love my apothecary light over sink. 

I wanted it so bad but it was too expensive.  Found a display model for half price! 

Breakfast table. 

Kitchen light. 


Half bath. 

Mother"s Day Campout 2017

Don't say we can't multitask. Mary Grace wanted to cook ribs in the crockpot. So of course we cooked them in the car on the way to the camp out. 


Here they are plugged into the outlet ready to ride. The only downside was how hungry the great smell made us. 


We arrived just ahead of a storm 


We kind of enjoyed watching it once everyone arrived safely. 


Some got caught in this deluge. 


All was forgotten as dinner was served. 


The next day Ryan settled in for serious snacking and relaxing. 

 Took a walk to the very odd park office. Looked like a plantation house. 


We have governor Hugh White to thank for this park. 


Got this sort of ghostly picture of a small old graveyard that is in the park. 


Obviously had been there since before the reservoir was made (Grenada Lake that is). 


Our resident fire starter got to work. 

 Then she had two grills going. One for veggies one for steak and salmon. 


Linda showed off her new insulated glass. 

Dinner was perfect. 


Loved this drainspout. 


Vintage web chairs. Sophie's photo. 

Our chairs await. 

The sun began to set. 


We discovered a hidden beach right below us. 


MG and Ryan skipping stones


Found lots of cool mushrooms. 


Time to crank up the fire. 

Another box takes off. 

The next morning was pancakes, bacon and presents. 


I rode home listening to vintage Mother's Day music.