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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mom’s yearly Christmas ornament that she makes for 50 of her closest friends at St C’s. 

The cutest little Holy Family you will see!

Had a professional photographer come to take publicity photos of Clinton PS. 

Did you guess who? Sophie is so good. She really has an eye.  

The restaurant looked so good as it got dark. The place was buzzing with job interviews tonight. 

Everything is ready. 

Even our custom paper holders. That is a safe deposit box top as the shelf. 

Paper towel holders 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Bell ringing

So our UMW Circle volunteered to take a day of bell ringing for Salvation Army at the kettle at McDade’s in Maywood Mart. I have never done that so I was a little nervous. My friend BP and I showed up ready to serve. They could not find our aprons and bells. We stood awkwardly for a bit...getting donations ...until a truck arrived with our supplies. A scheduling snafu . 

We did great. About 15 minutes before our 2 hour shift ended we heard someone loudly singing “ring my bell, ring my bell”, an old 80’s song in the parking lot.  It was Candy and Anna. They took our pic. 

The rule is - don’t touch the money. Stick provided to punch bills in. It was a great experience. People are so kind and generous. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Sigh. I guess it is confession time. Went to the clinic for blood work follow up. Good news A1C down. Went to Kroger for routine grocery trip. There was a flotilla of carts with reduced price fall candy😬. I have avoided temptation through Halloween. But right there on top was a bag of fall mix candy corn for 50 cents. That means candy corn, brown candy corn and lil pumpkins. And by the way what is brown candy corn?It tastes like candy corn with cheap chocolate. So long story short...I ate it all...candy corn and lil pumpkins...over 3 days. I finally threw it out today. 

But only the cheap choco ones. 

Double decker pets. 

They love this. 

Toby close by

Pepper being the loner

Grandogs and son-in-law 

Sunday white pumpkins at church. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Final details

I couldn’t find the candleholders I wanted for The Bank. So I made some. 

Out of concrete. I love the way they look but I don’t think it will be my new medium. Cement is hard!!

This is the art wall. Hope to showcase local artist’s work. Started off with some of my rubbings. 

The pulleys and twine will allow us to adjust to any size artwork. 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

November begins

The door is in! It fit perfectly. I would like to say I knew that it would but I honestly thought we would have some chain between ceiling and door. Math is not my friend. 

Mary Grace turned 27 on November 3. Here we are in 1990. 

She was so pretty. 

Sophie talked me into going to At Home. You really need to shop with a buddy in there. You could get lost. She found a little leaf she liked. 

When you are doing laundry, it’s all sorted, which load is next? The one without the dog of course. 

And in the season of thanksgiving, a quote from Piglet. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Turn, turn, turn

Ok, y’all think I’m crazy but I looked out the study window first thing this morning. 

Pumpkin head was looking straight at me!! Ahhhh!

Friday, October 27, 2017

My turn

For Book Club that is. I was happy to have October so I could bust out the pumpkins. 

Forgot to take pictures of the set table. Oops. 

Used my blue willow. I love orange and cobalt blue. 

Had forgotten my old orange sugar mold. What? You don’t think a rat skeleton is appetizing? 

Those sunflowers are real. 

Started us off with this latest obsession. A crisp, dry, non sweet rose. 

Cynthia’s cranberry orange pork loin, cornbread dressing, roasted butternut squash and Brussels
Sprouts , salad and bread. 

On to the pie. Looks like the bear was in the group. 

Turtle pie on Ed’s mom Mary’s china. We read Edgar Allen Poe’s stories- The Black Cat and The Fall of the House of Usher. Very fun and creepy. We adjourned to the den and our giant TV to watch and hear a reading of Poe’s The Raven by Christopher Walken. He is one of my favorites. 

Toby got dressed up for the party

Artist Tyler came over to put the decal on the door. 

It turned out great! The process was fascinating.