Thursday, September 29, 2016

Junior totally relaxed. 

Gibbs giving me love. 

We are almost the same height. 

Ellie felt left out. 

Pic of my nightly Gin and Tonic. It is all about the light. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friends napping tail to tail. 

They took the opportunity while I was folding clothes. 

If you read Mom's blog you know she has been working on Christmas happies for her friends. 

Cute little wreaths. She loves doing it. 

Fun , fun.  Just picked up the flowers for a clients rehearsal dinner. 

I put on some music and got to work. 

I love this part. 

Packed and ready to go. 

Gorgeous 12 foot table in dining room. Recognize the old swing set wood? 

Those purple bottles. 

Perfect setting by the pool and lake at the groom's parents house. 

Love those weird berry things. 

See the lake?

Thanks to friend Kathy for this precious sign. 

Food table. We cleared out before caterer arrived. Love helping families on the special day. Thanks Mary Grace for helping me schlep everything in. We were dripping with sweat. And then we put up directional signs and balloons and got even wetter. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Ok. As usual I took no before pics of this office job. 

But it is going great. 

More later thing. Still working with Amy. Wyatt Waters is going to be painting at her next conference. We went to his gallery to confirm the plans. 

He said that these were for the renovation of the Purple Parrot restaurant (Robert St John)   They were beautiful. 

I took this on the sly. Trying not to act like a groupie. The famous ponytail. 

Lunch at 303. I love Clinton. The town. But the candidate too!! Hillary!!

Our food. 

Then on to meeting with caterer. Here is Ivy on hearing that James Franco sat right here. The caterer's son is a casting agent. All these famous people came through this house !! I guess we are making progress. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

We As we prepared to watch the Ole Miss - Alabama game, Ed mentioned that it must be getting close to boiled peanut time. I walked into Kroger and there was a huge display. 

They were so big that we had to boil them for 3 hours. 

Sunday lunch at the Patrick's. Roast beef sandwiches with homemade at jus. 

Mom enjoying the new sofa. 

The Wolfs got to experience the new table. 

Shrimp kabobs. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Priscilla hosted us for September Book Club. She used her mama's china. It was a Noritake pattern labeled Occupied Japan. She did a little research and found that this Japanese company made china patterns for servicemen during WWII and the Korean War. Most patterns were made  so quickly that they didn't even have names. Thanks for the history lesson, Priss.
Beautiful flora from Bev's yard.
What is better than Chicken Tetrazinni?
Come On In's version. Please notice the large salad and no bread which looked and smelled so good!!
Ok, I had a little dessert and I do mean little. That chocolate sauce...
Good book, great discussion.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Remember being 23? I thought I was so grown up and wise. Well my baby, Ivy Rose had her 23rd birthday today. I was happy to have a day off from stress from ongoing jobs. Candy and I took her to the Lost Rabbit pool for lunch and swim. 

Chicken salad and deviled eggs (her favorite) and a cookie cake. They always loved those. Just a few sprinkles for fun. 

It was a gorgeous day. Didn't get too many swimsuit pics. Here is Ivy looking cute though. 

We had fun. 

For the "Oh Please" file...I used to send an embellished napkin in the girl's lunches when they were in school. I would usually draw a picture or write a little saying on it. But now moms can buy printed napkins to write on. 🙁

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Swing time

Here is the finished product. I can remember so clearly picturing this day when we would convert this to an adult swing. How did the time go so quickly? 

Had Sunday lunch at Brent's. We hadn't been in a while but they have renovated it and hired new management. It was great. 

Sophie and Paul opted for the brunch menu. I stayed traditional with a tuna sandwich. Glad this place is back on our slate.