Friday, October 9, 2015

it's not fair...oh wait is!

Why don't they make these packages easier to open? I had to get the scissors out ...oh wait...
Found a great new faux painter...I mean she is a REAL painter just faux finishes.

Guess what was for lunch today!!

 Ryan and I busted Mary Grace out of the office. We split a corn dog, chicken on a stick, catfish and fries. After that we looked at animals.


2 friendly goats

Toby was there!

And Dupree
Daphne was there too.

even Truffles!

2 super cute cows

These goats were trying to even eat Ryan's fingers.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Camping October 2015

Since I consider this a companion blog to Mom's Dot Spot, I will start off with breakfast with Brody. They were enjoying pancakes.
We set off for Roosevelt State Park armed with memories of past visits and mostly summer clothes. Most everyone had a jacket or else they borrowed one. It was cold and windy. Luckily there was an indoor fireplace.

That is Mom warming her toes.

Hugball continued indoors. Sorry for that shot Tommy.

Paul and David sharing creative thoughts on David's 30th birthday.

Sophie brought a blankie.

Mary Grace and Ed always working the fire.

Jan made sure something special greeted David at each meal.

Perfect s'more
Brody had gotten a new wagon and he really used it this weekend. He really enjoyed helping "T" build a fire.

Waiting on dinner.

The grill needed a little help. Very ingenious , Pooky.

Ryan rigged the other side.

The feast

Obviously the grill worked.

Just how we like them...

My plate

More celebratiing.

Cary made peach cobbler for him.

Red vine hollow licorice. As a beer straw???

S&P (next 4 photos by Paul)

Fire maker was even better the second time.
Nature walks. All the kids used to love this pipeline.

Discovering the playground. More camping to come in May.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Most Interesting Dog

I don't often drink beer , but when I do...ok he just looks the part ...right?
Horseapples...not sure what next.

Mom's latest play . A radio show.

She was part of the Andrews sisters act. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. And Rum and Coca Cola. One of the sisters was tipsy!! Theatrically of course 

The cast

Mom , post performance.

The stalwart crew. Jan had left. They discouraged family guests but we sneaked in and stood at the back. It was so good!!!

Mom and Elvis
After being sent away  for several weeks, she is back.
My Mamaw chair. I still can see her sitting here, watching Johnny Carson and painting her nails Cutex pink. I have sat in it most evenings of my life. This is the fourth time I have reupholstered it.

When I picked it up the guy who did the upholstery had a tale to tell. I was afraid he would be disgusted about all the cheerios, pens, hair clips, etc. he found inside of it. But, no, he was actually reverent.  I asked how old he thought the chair was. Mentioning my assumption that it was from the 30's or maybe  20's based on my grandparent's history. He said the chair was over a 100 years old and originally was stuffed with hay!! I know a lot about antiques but would not have pegged that! They stripped it to the frame and even repaired that in a spot. Well , I'm ready to enjoy it a lot longer. Not sure who will want it after me...

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

dogs and wolves

Looking at the damage the dogs did to this new cow toy, got me to wondering. Did the cow think  hard enough  to blow his brains out? Or as one of the girls suggested, do we have zombie dogs?
I think not. Look at that sweet face.

Book  Club at my house this month took on another beach theme. That net came in handy.

The book took place by the sea.

Crabmeat salad, marinated shrimp, asian slaw, melon and avocado.

Turned out pretty well.

The book.

Apparently a Halloween tradition for Sophie and Paul is sampling new costumes.

They sent this one with the question "does this shark make Paul's butt look big".

It seems he busted some good moves because a small crowd gathered.

Sophie always accuses me of being attracted to "pirate" shirts. They found one. I asked if they had my size and she said "NO".

And last but not least...wolf (Wolf?) costumes.