Monday, June 29, 2015

Birthday festival begins

One of the best things about summer...
...tomato sandwiches.

Last Friday was Kathy's first time to host Book Club. Boy did she do it right. It is hard to believe she is new to our group. She fits in seamlessly.

Everything was beautiful, conversation was lively and the food was fabulous. Roasted chicken with pesto, squash, quinoa blueberry salad and little tomato pies.

Then this happened. Layers of thin crisp chocolate chip cookies with layers of mocha, cream and mascarpone cheese. I can' t even describe it well enough. Next came family birthday dinner.

Brody was introduced to spinach dip. We finally had to move it to save ourselves and him.

Roses from the Patricks. Also from them and the Wolfs, I got the promise of a trip to a jewelry maker to design my own necklace.

What is the point, Brody?

Cary has turned into quite the baker!

And my request...homemade ice cream.

Mom made flowers for the table!

After dinner the boys took Brody to inspect the truck.

Taking it for a spin.

Cute cards. I love my family!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Beach

Didn't take many pics at the actual beach. I hate taking my camera out there.
Ed watching , Whitney in her chair.

Brody, Bryan and Karis.

Took my phone in a Ziploc bag to protect it. Turns out it works better if you take it out of the bag.

Mary Grace and Brody.

Karis and driftwood.

Hmmm, maybe Mary Grace likes kids after all.

Here is the house and tent. The weather was perfect all week. There was a friendly heron that came near our tent all week. A local told us his name is George and is almost a little too friendly. I cautiously got close to him to get a good shot.

What a loser. I had the camera turned around. I'll get a picture of him from someone else.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The food

Since there are so many of us on this trip, we generally eat in. We sign up before hand for dinners, appetizers and breakfasts. This was a breakfast MG and I made.
Patrick eggs, Blueberry crunch and pigs in blankets. Other days we had breakfast casserole, sausage balls, crepes (MG and Ashley) and tons of great summer fruit.

Sophie's famous Olive cheese bread appetizer. Everyone knows to hustle in for appetizer time. They go fast. I didn't get many pics since I was so busy scuffling for a bite every evening. But we had oysters, Black bean edamame dip, spinach artichoke dip, MSU edam cheese, oysters Bienville, Rotel dip...couldn't you just die?

After I took this picture of Ashley's homemade biscuits they floated off the plate...they were that light.

Ahhh, the bouillabaisse. Bryan and Ashley created this traditional French soup from stock made from shrimp heads. Vegetables were then cooked in the strained stock. At the very end 3 kinds of fish and 3 kinds of mussels were added. 

Look how beautiful it is.

Even the shells were pretty.

Traditionally served with crusty French bread, they topped theirs with homemade roasted red pepper sauce. Yum. Along with this they had green salad with roasted corn and tomatoes, accompanied by the best Green Goddess dressing I have ever had.

The last night Paul and Sophie ended our seafood laden week with hamburgers with all the toppings. We also had fish tacos, baked fish, boiled shrimp (bought directly off the boat that morning) and jambalaya. It was all great. Good job everyone.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Inside the house.

How about a little people watching at the beach. Here is what happens inside the house.
Girl stuff.


Brody's first time with Playdoh.

Lots of great cooks. We take turns with each meal.

Karis was in awe of Ashley after she gave her a French braid.

Mother and daughter.

2 of my babies.


Great aunt and nephews.

Waiting for dinner.

An architect and his creation. Seriously casual attitude.

Crafts. Linda and I sort of high jacked this project.

It was so addictive.
Everyone was happy when Liam arrived Tuesday. He had been visiting his other Grandma.
Karis is an adventurous eater. That was bread with roasted red pepper sauce. More on the food next post.

And puzzles... this one was fun with old candy wrappers.

Monday, June 15, 2015

30th beach trip.

We are here.  Posting from phone so bear with me.  

Linda's special glass. 

Cute cousins. 

View from our bedroom. 

Perfect oyster appetizer. 

The shirts are distributed. 

Here we are.  

Tommy's birthday. 

Fun presents.