Thursday, March 23, 2017


Ryan and Mary Grace are still making progress on the screen porch project. The next stage is walkways down the sides and around the end. 


They asked me to ride along to the stone yard in Flora. 


So many pretty ones.  

She has always loved rocks. 

Selected and loaded up. And here is the best is next door to another walk...  


As in Cock of the Walk! We had the best catfish, onion rings, greens, slaw and pickled onions. Our waitress even flipped our corn bread in the air for us. 


Back home the hard work began. Unloading and placing the stones. 


Thank goodness Chris came to help. 


He is home for his Spring Break. 


Dupree likes to perch on the raised bed behind the porch. 


Doesn't it look like an ancient stone path? 

Daphne kept going inside the house to cool off and then back to inspect. 


The back gets done. 


My vantage point as supervisor. Tomorrow sod gets installed. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The wall

The retaining wall at Mary Grace and Ryan's house is almost complete. 


Tons of hard work on Ryan's part and lots of support from the peanut gallery (me). 


French drains all around. He said Dupree was running in the trenches. 


The project supervisor. 


The comedy relief. 


It is going to be beautiful. 


And in upsetting news...I can let the thimble go but I always picked the baby shoe. I guess since I haven't played Monopoly in years and wasn't a big fan even then, I don't get a voice. 

It is the brief season for these weird little bobble headed bugs. They fly slow and clumsy. I just have to wonder about their purpose in the cosmos. Uh , and get a manicure please. 

They are only mildly irritating and don't bite. Live and let live. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Katherine's big day

Getting ready. 


Puff pastry asparagus quiches. 


Another wedding shower! Jill's daughter Katherine. She was one of the big group at Madison UMC that were Sophie's age. 


They arrive at Sheila's beautiful house all smiles. They look like twins! 


The table was loaded. 


Pam and I did the flowers. We cut some from her fabulous yard and purchased the rest. She did the big one. 

I did the 3 small. That bacon is beautiful too. 

Those chocolate covered strawberries by Priscilla. 

Tomato tart, asparagus quiche, fruits, coffee cake, blueberry bread. All so good. 

Michelle was our mixologist for mimosas. 



We dig in. 

She was so happy. 


Smiling with her good friend and bridesmaid. 


Her friends. 


The hostesses. It was such fun. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Sue's big day

Gathered to celebrate Sue's 60th. She chose a cooking class at Farmer's Table. That's where we had Ivy's shower a few weeks ago. 


Arrived a little early with the chalkboard and they were all ready for us. 

Kathy once again did a great job. 


That old easel and chalkboard are becoming a fixture at our events. 


Our cutting boards all set up. Look at those views. There are even cows in the field to complete the pastoral scene. 


Sangria and tomato cheese toasts to get us started. 


Loved these thistles like we used at the wedding. 

The guest of honor arrived. 

Chef Matt swung right into action 

 He explained how to make mozzarella cheese for our salad. 


He could chop onions so fast. 


Spreading orange liquor over lady fingers for our dessert. It was topped with a creamy sauce and strawberries. 

Our menu. 

Gorgeous grouper. We all had different tasks. 


Sue's daughter Katie got to come. She was not as happy with fish duty. 


Kathy seasons the fish before it is seared in a pan and then finished off in the oven. 


Sue and her niece. 

The salad. 


We each made our own. 


Ready to enjoy our labors. 


It really was excellent. The rice was very special. 


Her birthday fruit with candle. I forgot to take a pic of our dessert. 


Showered her with cards and gifts first. Then we sang an original composition by Priscilla for her. It was a sweet and funny medley sung to tunes from The Sound of Music. If I find a picture of that, I will post it later.