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Monday, April 24, 2017



Anna's new kitty. Look at that tail 

Her other new kitty. They bought them this patch of grass to nibble on. She decided it made a better bed. 

And finally...Possum   Yes , he is that big. He was like a big rag doll. 

Temporary kitchen. 

Packing up nostalgia. Boutenaires from each wedding. They reflected each girl's tastes. There was much more nostalgia but Mary Grace was having no hesitation. 


Up and down the stairs 200 times carrying boxes makes legs sore. 

More stuff. 


Toby and Ed watching TV. 

Found the cutest mirror on the website Houzz. Found out it was from Kalalou. Went to the Outlet store and it was sitting out front for $10 with a broken mirror. Took it to get a new one for $45! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Lots going on


Easter table. Linda, Jan, Mom and I were all dragging a bit in different stages of upper respiratory distress. But we had a nice visit. 


Mom felt well enough to come to lunch. 


Flowers from Jan's yard. 


I couldn't face Kroger one more time. Excellent menu. No pics. Pork loin, potato casserole ( a different one from Come On In ) , asparagus, lady peas, fruit salad, sweet and sour green beans and deviled eggs. And of course pound cake and strawberries. 


A couple of wedding pics.


Happy it's almost over. 

Jim blesses their union. 

Love Ivy in this one. 

Pensive flower girl. 

And demo day arrives. This little tiny woman worked like a Trojan. 


Goodbye stupid pantry. 


Tom and I tweak the new design Bev and I worked up. 


I like that I found my hand written note on the frame, written by my 28 year old self. It just says "put phone jack here, Amy". I was Sophie's age when we built this house 30 years ago this month! 


Brett rips it out. 


Wide open space. 


They found this picture behind the fridge. It is Sophie. 


Got to see Amy's new baby today. 


Spooky G played and then fell asleep in my arms. ❤️

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Out with the old


Sure sign of spring. Toby's crew cut


To say we needed a new roof is an understatement. 


After another mess....


And big A equipment everywhere...


Got to stuff Easter eggs for church hunt. 


Book Club at Priscilla's. Medea got to come! Enjoying the view. 


The lake was especially pretty. Great food, no pics. Cocoa crusted salmon, squash and asparagus. So good. 

Did however photo the red velvet bundt cake. 

The book made us laugh out loud. So good. 


More memories unearthed. Paint colors from 30 years. 


Ugh that orange from Ivy's room. I always let them paint their rooms whatever color the wanted. Some were better than others. 


Found a Tupperware filled with Chex mix. This was not even from 2016! Yikes. 


The pink bowl. The girls fought mightily over it until Candy bought a set of pink bowls. After that no one wanted it. It was no longer special. 


A few "before" pictures. 


I have to say that I still don't dislike this kitchen. 


Had lots of fun in here.


I loved the finish Priscilla put on it years ago. I remember she was so sore from climbing the ladder for several days. 


And my starry night ceiling. 


I loved DIY before DIY was cool. 


Goodbye little clothesline. 


Ivy wore that white ballerina outfit at 3 years old so the painting is 20! They wouldn't let me paint over it in the last renovation. 


MG's tie dye tshirt, Ed's polo, Sophie's khaki shorts and white tank top and my black tshirt, all are real things we wore. Even the green blanket and rust kitchen towel. 

 Unexpected pocket of fun.  Margaret's birthday at Amerigo. 


Old gals take a selfie.