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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Down South Part 2

More pictures of the Hight yard in Leakesville. 

A big fat cactus that I assume is staying put here 

Bottlebrush was a hummingbird favorite. 

Bees too. 

Blue eyed grass and lilies vie for best purple. 

Spiderwort wins. 

Cute crabapples. 

Even the clover was pretty. 

Old oaks across the back. 

Anna’s brother excels at roses. 

Forgot what this was. 

Old cistern turned fish pond. 

Old bottles keep rain out of fence posts 

Had to admire this clothesline thing. 

Buddy is in a constant battle with squirrels over bird feed. He traps them and releases them far away. I think they make it home before he does. Anna secretly frees them when she can. 

Down south

South Mississippi that is. 

Headed to Leakesville where friend Anna is nursing her 101 old mama.  Candy has been there helping for a while. I decided to bring in provisions and moral support. It’s a dry county you know. Ancient magnolia greets me at the front yard. 

And of course Jack did too! 

The old gate reminded me of Meadow Ridge. 

Candy talking with Granny. 

Anna with Jack and her dog, Roxie. 

The house is filled with gorgeous antiques. My bed. 

It was sad circumstances but I enjoyed the lovely yard and gardens. 

The drive   

A Grancy Gray beard tree. 

It’s beautiful blooms. 

The architect in his habitat

Got to take a trip to Starkville. Jan took Mom and I to see Brian before he ends his Assistant Professorship there. They will be heading to the University of Michigan for his post Doc study and research. Luckily Ashley was visiting too. 

He took us to see the Architecture School. 

He and Mamaw solved all the world’s problems. 

His office. What a cutie. 

They took us to the Veranda restaurant where I got a locally grown greens salad. 

It was an oddly cold day so I came home to one last fire. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter ‘18

Celebrated on the screen porch at the Patrick’s. 

Dogs anticipating. 

Everything set. 

The boys. 

The girls. Amy W came later. The only down thing was Mom was sick. Nothing serious just not able to come. 

My girls decided to brunch it. 2 kinds of Quiche, shrimp and grits, Au gratin potatoes, slaw and asparagus. 

Perfect. Strawberry shortcake followed. 

Mom’s empty seat 😞. 

A special egg Mom and Dad brought back from Russia to me. 

Friday, March 30, 2018


Clinton is having a spring event. 

There will be a caterpillar parade based on the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

The asked merchants to decorate their store fronts. 

I can’t resist a challenge. I decided to make out of tissue paper and vinyl tablecloths so light can come through and it will look like the torn paper pictures in the book. 

It worked great. Light comes in from outside. 

It looks good outside too. At night it will be the reverse. Hope it does well in the contest. 

Palm Sunday

I always love Palm Sunday. All the children waving palms. 

Pulled out some old favorites. 

Egg hunt followed. 

They patiently ate lunch first. 

Pizza Shack pitched in. 

Cute babies. 

That face. 

Eggs everywhere. 

This wind proofer was so clever. 

On another Easter note...everyone was so generous with the Children’s Emergency Shelter baskets 

So cute. Delivered them to grateful staff.