Sunday, December 4, 2016

Lots of things

Ok. This looks good right? 


Melty schmelty good. 


And only a dollar a box. Here's the bad news. 


Oh no. What the heck is all that stuff? 


Didn't see that coming, did ya? 


Leila at 6 months 


With brother Brody. So precious. 


Tripp and his puppy, both in argyle. 


Pulled up to friend Priscilla's neighborhood. How will that wreath survive the gate opening?


Bam! It split in two. I just was amused. 


Is that a beautiful birthday girl or what?


Celebrated her at Parlor Market. 


Fabulous fish. 


The other side of the table. Missing Priscilla. 


Fried oyster salad and gumbo. 


The rib daily special. 

Pam's oyster salad. Also great drinks and desserts. Afterward we were in for a treat 


Jill's husband Bobby works at the New Capitol. He offered us a tour of the decorated building. 


I was fascinated with the tile work. 


The hall of governors. Remember Cliff Finch? 



Gorgeous staircase. 


Newly renovated windows 


Bobby was full of stories from his 40 year experience working here. 


The Gov's digs.   


These windows!!


These trees in the Renaissance parking lot. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

? Annual Punkin Chunkin

Can't remember when we started disposing of our pumpkins in this goofy way. We met at our house after church and after church lunch at Athenos (perfect gyro). Before I start the Chunkin story, here is my pumpkin history this year. My porch pumpkins attracted some unwanted attention.


It started with a nibble and ended like this. 


They even ate the seeds. But this morning before we tossed them, Ed caught the perpetrator red handed. 


We left the green one for him. Just seemed like he earned it. 


The cast of characters. The one on the towel was a little rotten. He was dubbed Little Nasty. 

Sophie was up first and chose Little Nasty. She thought he would explode easily. 

Fly little one. 


Ryan gave it an epic hurl scoring the furthest away award. 


No one enjoys the day more than Truffles. 


Toby hung close to avoid falling squash. 


Paul selected a huge one that he threw to new heights winning the loft award. 


Cute pic that Paul took. He loves his new iPhone 7plus camera. 

I hurled one of my squirrel chewed ones. 


Mary Grace ended the toss with a tough little white one. It didn't break. Ed had an idea. 

He brought out his machete! He really got in the spirit of things. Sliced it right in half. 

Truffles couldn't decide which one to sample. 


We will leave the rest for squirrels and possums. We adjourned to the house for leftover pie, coffee and hot apple cider.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Advent begins


Started the morning with a favorite post Thanksgiving breakfast. Spent the rest of the morning with other great helpers decorating the church for Advent. Then headed home where Ed had bought our tree. 


I decided to do the Wedding tree. This was what I did the year Sophie and Paul got married. I used the streamers we used to wave them goodbye. I can hardly believe it has been 4 years. 


Simmering in the background was leftover turkey soup. I used the legs and wings to start. Followed up with all the summer veggie ends I had been freezing and saving. All the lady peas, butter beans and corn make the soup great. 


My new additions for this year. Love the simplicity of green, white and silver. 


I love these little brush trees. They remind me of the one I used as my Barbie's Christmas tree. I surely did live through my doll's eyes. I always had their house set up on top of a big ole cedar chest. There were rooms divided by rugs I made from fabric to anchor the furniture ( Danish Modern of course)   Guess my future career was predictable. 

Friday, November 25, 2016



My little prayer flags that Ivy brought me from Denver. I told my friend, Medea who has pneumonia, that the red one is for her. 

Decided to keep it simple and natural for ours Thanksgiving decor. 


Sophie spotted some great berries and foliage near Eubanks creek near her house. 


Paul drove the getaway car as she sheared the shrubs. We added a little maple leaves for color. 


Ed carved the turkey then supervised Ryan on plating. Daphne just hoped for a dropped piece 


Sisters Sophie and Ivy look at pics of Ivy's new apartment. 


Grandogs getting to know each other doggy style. Little Oliver was so sweet. 

Tripp and Ivy so happy. 

The spread. 

Lucy and I  


My plate.  A bite of everything. 

All of us minus Lucy. 

Dupree getting some love. 

Dessert time. 


Daphne with her new favorite toy, a slice of pumpkin pie! She carries it everywhere. 


The new screen porch was definitely the star of the day. It turned out so well. 


The ceilings turned out so beautiful 


Cool light over what will be the future cook area. 


Here we are! Great day.