Monday, April 20, 2015

My short lived career as a convention worker.

My friend, Amy, has an association management company. Part of her work includes planning and running conventions. After losing her longtime employee, Pam to a new job opportunity, she was in need of help with a big convention this past week. I went along to help. It was very intense work. Amy is so good at her job that she makes it seem easy, but it is hard work. Of course the parts I will report include food. We pulled off in Hattiesburg on the way down. C'est la vie bakery was in our sights. I had read Robert St. John's column about it and heard Sophie talk about it.  
They were right. Perfect croissant with curry chicken salad.

My view included Deer Island. It was rainy most of the time we were there but how would we know? It is very unreal inside the hotel, casino and convention center with no windows.

I did important work.

Drink tickets were like gold.

Reception food was excellent. Look at the size of that shrimp.

The sun came out a little.  I  was so tired every night.

One of the perks.

I think I could live in a hotel.

Where else can you get excellent gumbo sent to your bedroom door?

Before heading out we had a decompression lunch. Poor Amy spent most of it on a conference call. Check out that fresh orchid. 

I got more gumbo and a 1/2 shrimp po boy. Next morning, needing a little exercise (although I got a lot walking and lifting), we hit the mean streets of Summertree.

Saw this weird root that looked like he wanted to walk with us.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Medea around town

After our Book Club fun, I had Medea staying with me. One of her favorite places to go is Babalu.
They did not disappoint. I always look at the entire menu and then order the same thing. 2 oyster tacos and one pork belly one. Medea's son Sam has moved here to work with Ryan at the Pizza Shack. We have all been enjoying showing him the sights around town. He loved this one. He was also impressed with Fondren.

Medea got the lamb enchilada.

This was her dessert drink. That is an espresso ice cube in it.

They also have homemade truffles. Ahhhhh! Sunday  we took them to a much more down home place...The Crawdad Hole. It is near the Ag Museum.

What more could I say?
After this we bid her a fond adieu and promised to take care of Sam.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Jack's room

Just realized that I did not publish the last post of the Brown house. Here it is. Be sure to see post before this about book club.

Ok...we are on the home stretch with Mamaw's house. Let's cross the hall to Jack's room. Jack was born 12 years after my mom. She to this day declares she prayed him into this world. He was too young for World War II . He was a teenager in the 50's. How cool is that? He loved hot rods, Fats Domino and everything else of his era. I got to stay in his cool. When my mom and dad went out of town for business trips I got to stay with Mamaw. There was an Art Deco bedroom set....a cool light that clipped  on the headboard that turned on with the pull of a beaded chain. I refinished this set. It was my guest room until it was Sophie's nursery. When the girls got older and wanted teenager furnishings, Kathy took it for a while. Now it is in Jan's house.

In the top drawer of the dresser were Little Big Books. Look them up. Old magic tricks. Baseball cards. Dice. Dominoes. Marbles. Cool stuff.  Not even close to what was in the of cars.  Cars that Jack had made...and painted. Apparently boys used to melt metal and MAKE their own cars and army men! I loved them. He had painted all the little details on them. I hope his girls treasure them. I eventually took his old furniture and refinished it. It turned out gorgeous.  Once again the finish had turned black. Now look at all the pretty wood.

Also check out those pulls with the faux topaz.
So here we end our Brown tour. Love my family. 

25 years of books

2015 Marked the 25th anniversary of our Book Club. With 11 books a year, that is a ton of tomes going down! Bev hosted a beautiful event which included most of the former members. I have only been a member 15 years or so. The first book we ever read was Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café. We  reread the book and I have to say I enjoyed it just as much the second time around. Actually this time I identified more with the menopausal Evelyn than Idgie and Ruth!
Our menu followed what was served at the café in the book. Kathy Mowdy made this gorgeous coconut pie.

Candy slaved over fried green tomatoes. Ryan got them for her.

Kathy found the wine.

I only got a small bit of everything but that was a lot. If you have read the book, you understand the barbecue reference. Tee hee.
Fried green tomatoes
squash casserole
corn pudding
turnip greens
pulled pork
roasted rutabagas with pecans
green beans
butter beans
coconut pie
Hershey bar pie

We decided to all jam in to one table.

It was so great to see everyone. After lunch we each told our favorite book discussion and shared a  meeting we enjoyed most.

Had to take two pics to get us all.

Great event...thanks , Bev.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Got into the spirit of the season with a St. Catherine's program. The songs were so moving. It was the high point of the whole season to me. They all nearly fell out at the end after singing a difficult cantata by Bach. Nice job.
The cross was pretty even though the sky was  ominous. These are two of my favorite little Broadmeadow  girls. When I aimed my camera at the cross they immediately assumed I was photographing them.

Mary Grace wowed us with stuffed pork loin.

How does she get it so tender and perfect?

My plate was a little embarrassing. But I only got a little bit of everything.

Terrible pictures.  Dad would have been so disappointed. He always made sure we were well documented.

Lilies from church in honor of loved ones.

My pretty azaleas, blue willow and a little bit scary Mustard Seed bunny.

Brody's Easter outfit was so cute. Cary does not buy into the smocked rompers for boys.

Sitting on Vick's deck with the 4 Chihuahuas.

Who would have thought we both would have chi's?

Pebbles sat in my lap.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Egg dying

The tradition continues. Every Saturday before Easter we used to gather at Mom and Dad's house on Riverwood to dye eggs. It was so much fun. Cary decided to start a new / old event at her house. With only one grandkid in town, Brody got our full attention.
We started with a hunt.

He shared his find with Mamaw.

Everyone got in on the fun. That is even Daphne the dog there.
Ahhh, a blank canvas.

This face says it all.


This hand tells the rest of the story. Who needs a dipper.

Look who ended up with the brown/green/camo  egg! I guess someone has to do it. Bryan where are you?

Finished product. A few got eaten in the process.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

More Lucy

I'm trying to cram in as much time as possible. We met at Anjou before she had a haircut appointment and I with a client. I'm so excited about this job. I have worked with this person before and it was a great experience. She called to say I'm ready to redo the rest of the downstairs. Great news.
Food was great...obviously.

Veg plate. Can't find decent clip on sunglasses.

How stupid are these? But wait...

They flip up for ultimate dorkiness. Ryan said of this picture - you know you can be a bit of a goober...ya think?

 Fun Easter thing. Friends and I make baskets for the Children's Emergency Shelter. It is a place for children who have been removed from their homes for a variety of reasons and awaiting placement. Very sad. Here are the baskets, ready to go.
Had a great response for donations. Aren't they pretty. Hope they bring much happiness.