Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Book Club Christmas

One of the most fun of all the celebrations at this time of year is the annual Book Club (Ireadabooka) lunch. We go out for lunch and bring small gifts for everyone! It is fun to be creative and pick a gift for $5-$10 for all. Here is the treasure trove for this year.
Looks like we went out and drank glasses of wine big enough for us to bathe in.
Another highlight is Mom's choir program at St. Catherine's.
Our sweet church choir director, Chuck, came to hear her.

Jan, Lucy and I filled out her fan row.

Was trying to let y'all see how cute Ellie was in her reindeer hat but Gibb's kept trying to snatch it off.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas goodies

One of everyone's favorites...my chex mix.
It took 6 pans and I mixed it in a big ole trash bag.

Chocolate gingerbread baked first.

2 hours of slow baking and stirring...here it is

If you want my recipe, perfected over the years to be just how we like it, here it is.

Here is another Christmas goody.

Several friends posted their Christmas Murrah Miss outfit on Facebook. Here is mine. I loved that little red velvet number with fur cuffs and collars.

Here is am with good friend Shelley. As the 2 shortest misses, I was one end of the line and she was the other.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Advent activities

One of my favorite parts of Advent is attending Lessons and Carols at Millsaps. It is always a very sacred start to the season. I went with Broadmeadow's combined circles. These are some of the great ladies whose company I enjoy. We had lunch at Manship restaurant.
I chose the veggie plate. Roasted beets, cauliflower, Lebanese rice dressing and Jerusalem artichokes.
 If like me you wondered what Jerusalem artichokes are, let me tell you they don't come from Jerusalem nor are they artichokes. They are actually from the sunflower family and grow underground like a potato. They are touted as very good for diabetics. However they did have a little unpleasant surprise for me later. I googled them only to find out that they are nicknamed ....ready for this?..."fartichokes". Enough said. Not sure they will be a steady part of my diet.
They were however, extremely delicious.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Little men

If you read my Mom's blog (and you really should) , you know she has been making little elves to give her friends at St. Catherine's. Here is the link  www.dotandtruman.blogspot.com

Take a peek at the workshop.

Aren't they cute.

Do you have this many friends????

She brings joy to so many.

Just had to take a pic of her beautiful view from her balcony. After I took her on a few errands, she treated Mary Grace and I to lunch at Biaggi's.

Guess who is already playing our favorite Christmas game, WHERE ARE THE BEAR'S LEGS?! Ok as soon as I typed that I realized how demented that sounds, but we celebrate in odd ways around here. This little Christmas ornament on Mom's tree has snap off legs. For years my sisters and I hid the legs in funny (and obvious) places. Places like in your napkin, on a picture frame, in the nut bowl, etc. You get the point? Places that will make you laugh, not places that are impossible to find. Well when the grandchildren came along, they did not get the subtlety of the joke. One of them hid an arm and it has never been found. We continue the game with 2 legs anyway. So all Ellises, game on.
On a less upbeat note...it is sad when good leftovers go bad. 
When I opened the fridge this morning the ghosts of Thanksgiving past flew up my nose. I'll spare y'all the details but let's just say some things were unrecognizable.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Church at Broadmeadow was special today with 3 generations of Ellises lighting the advent candle.

The church looked beautiful and the music was very moving.

Ed's least favorite season...

...leaf season. They drive him nuts. I took this picture Saturday morning. I was going to post "Guess what Ed will be doing today". Almost as soon as I  took the pic, I heard a familiar roar out front.
Ran to the front window and got this shot. Do I know him well or not?

Must be a slow news day when this seems photoworthy.

44,4444 miles. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The weather

Ok, this is just a short post about the weather. Just got done with my walk. But first I had to dig through this pile to find the perfect pants to walk in.

This is the little laundry basket I keep in the bathroom. In it were the past few days of walking / lounging around the house pants. My mom used to call those "play clothes". Well in this short few days I had worn shorts, long shorts, thin capri pants, thicker capri pants, thin long pants and thick long pants. Welcome to December.