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Monday, July 24, 2017

House done Restaurant not


More developments. Bathrooms framed out 


The bar is up. This was no small feat as several posts had to be cut through the floor and dug deep into the ground. 


Chris, recovering from a back injury is reduced to mostly moral support. 


Blank slate. Went up and down the stairs about 50 times this weekend carrying everything back down. 

I hate my books....I love my books. 


Do you know how much yearbooks weigh? Photo albums?

Now for the mementos. I couldn't get rid of hardly any of it. Too sentimental. But at least it is all corralled in one spot. 


Realized it is sort side


And his side.  Love the 3 wedding boutonnières. And a beach shelf. 

Got everything back in place. 


Even in the kitchen. And there are actually empty shelves in the cabinets! 


Hope I didn't get rid of anything I will regret.  Chairs are headed to upholsterer 


Think they need it?


Those nasty little kids did a good job on them. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

What's cooking


Cookbooks. I never was a big collector but I had more than I wanted to keep. 


Wedding gift from beloved friend's parents. 


I'll keep the memory and lose the book. 


A gift from McRae's department store when we registered our wedding choices. 


Remember Best Wishes to the bride and Congratulations to the groom. 


Actually some good advice!


Design pointers. 


Ok.  I kept it. 

We had fun with this one.  A gift from Jennie. 

Some good ones here. 


Thankfully Sophie learned to spell and edit. I thought this was a shark but she said it was a knife. Yikes! 


So this was the only two. No wonder Ivy never learned to cook. 


Tough choices. 


Found this first and only journal entry from 1994. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

By moonlight

Ok   There is this development. Moon Pie minis. So that means the ratio of chocolate to wafer and marshmallow just got better. 😃. 


Lunch at the new Tokyo Tasty formerly known as the Cherokee. Totally loved Cherokee. But must accept the future. Really good Chinese Japanese cuisine. Not sure where the fried plantain fits in. 

Ok tonight about 7:30 we heard 2 booms and saw a flash. Also not sure about the little face on the mantel.           👹

Lights out for us. 


Gin and tonic in the dark 


Reading the paper with a flashlight. Ed went to bed. 

Pam's book club.


It started like this...a summer drink of prosecco and lemoncello poured over muddled raspberries. So refreshing. 


As usual Pam sets a gorgeous table. 


The good was perfect. That bread was garlic monkey bread. Oh my. 


Kathy took a picture. Sue and Jill got cut out. I look like I just got out of prison. The cute young woman is Olga. She is a dear friend of Kathy's that we have all come to know since she came to the US with a group of Belarussion children several years ago as an interpreter.  How lucky we were to have her join us. 


You see, we read a Russian novel and we needed some help. She gave us great insight into Russian life and customs, not to mention difficult names! 


Here is a better picture of the two friends. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Dogs and rugs


Spent part of the 4th at the Lost Rabbit pool. Gourmet dogs and beans. It was so beautiful that day. 


Ivy and Tripp on their Los Angeles trip. 


New rug. Birthday gift from Patricks and Wolfs. Dogs love it.  Still need to get kinks out. 


Love my new teal pillows.  

Monday, July 3, 2017

Big shot


Forgot to post the big picture. Paul did a great job. No one remembered a tripod so he set up several stools to lift his phone. The little girls helpfully offered toys and finally a playdoh can that did the trick to hold it up. Had to take it inside due to rain. 

Silly shot. All were here except 4. 

Floors are in. 


Dogs are trying to adjust. 


Had to put down a comforter until the new rug comes. 


Truffles got a little patriotic at the groomer. 


Paul got a little patriotic in Target.