Friday, July 31, 2015


Caught this rare shot of native dogs in their natural habitat.

Right after this they asked to come back in the air conditioning. 

Had lunch with Ivy and Tripp. We were discussing how I used to make baked chicken in my old blue enamelware roaster. We were close to Odds and Ends, my favorite junk shop, so we decided to look for one. We found this instead.

Aggghhhh. For some reason Bev and I send each other scary clown pictures when we find them. I said I thought this one had cut his nose off the spite his face.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Picture this

So you know that I have little problem with fish. I have way too many in my house. Maybe it is the heat outside but I have even been considering an aquarium. Vick and I saw these great silvery fish in the window of the store Bliss in Banner Hall. They were piled in a robin's egg blue pot that Vick bought. She got 5 fish and I got 3. For now I put them in this bowl I got for my birthday.
Chris came home for an unexpected visit. I told him to look decent in this picture and look what I got.
We met for lunch at The County Seat restaurant at Livingston. Candy heard they had great steak.

She got Eggs Benedict.

The growing boy got a ribeye and mac and cheese. 5 kinds of cheese.

Baked stone fruit dessert. Maybe I will go and count all the fish in my house.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

just words

Well, I still can't get pictures from my phone to my computer. The down side to living with a computer expert is, once they have done that all day, the last thing they want to solve is more computer problems. Lucy tried to fix it (when in doubt ask a young person). So I guess I'll have to post in words...what a novel idea. Readers may think they have stumbled into!
So after an uncomfortable worship service and subsequent lunch at Little Tokyo this Sunday, I realized my dress was too tight. There were no more excuses left. As if high blood pressure and blood sugar were not enough incentive. I'm committed again to losing it. I wanted to show you pics of my virtuous meals. Let's just suffice it to say that I met my BUMC circle at the Manship restaurant and I triumphed. The Duroc pork shoulder and grits called to me. The BLT with pecan smoked bacon beckoned. The Redfish Burger on house made ciabatta practically swam to my plate. But I stood fast. I ordered the veggie plate. Broccolini, tabouleh, cauliflower and okra (ok it was fried, whole!). I only had one bite of the tiramisu someone ordered for the table. So after a swim this morning I am only more committed. Wish me luck. I'll need it. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer feet

Had a fun Book Club with Sue as the gracious hostess. We noticed the wide array of toe nail polish we were all sporting.
Had to take a pic of their beautiful side garden. It was stunning. Her husband, Mark made it and takes care of it.

For some reason after I took this picture my phone quit sending pictures to my computer. I hate it when I am too unsavvy to understand these things. Maybe the iphone said something to offend the icloud. I don't know. If y'all want more pictures help me , help them work it out.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

don't have what it takes...

...for cobbler that is. Ed had brought home fresh blueberries from a coworkers garden. He had been asking for me to make them into a cobbler. I was out of several key ingredients. No white sugar means no dump cobbler. You know the kind you mix flour, sugar, butter and dump it on the berries? So I went for a crunch or crumble. I had brown sugar and oatmeal , so good to go. Oops , they all call for lemon juice in the filling. Ok , I'll try applesauce as the sour ingredient and add a little agave instead of white sugar.
Believe it or not , it worked. 

It tasted so good.
Almost done with phase 1 of my project.

Study is ready to move in.

entryway , floors all cleaned

I adore the graphite light fixtures.

Here is a little before and after.

I'll post another when all furnishings are in.

This is just the fireplace and new beverage area.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer stuff

Inspired by Ashley and Bryan's salad at the beach, I made this for Ed and I. It was leftover boiled corn, not grilled. But it was very good with blue cheese dressing. I need to get her recipe for Green Goddess. It was so great.
This little tool that Mom gave me for Christmas made it a snap.

It is called a corn zipper.
Rug enjoyment continues.

Picked Mary Grace up from her job at the Sillers building and whisked her off to lunch.

Can you guess where from this picture? The Mayflower of course.
So...this is big news. Toby let Lucy hold him!!

This summer when we aren't working and it is hot outside (like today), we have been sneaking in episodes of the TV show Outlander. It is our guilty pleasure. It is nice to watch the cold green Scottish highlands. Not to mention out favorite couple Jamie and Claire.

Don't you love the moment that you break open a new book that you have only heard rave reviews about? I can't wait. Need to read intensely because Book Club is Friday.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


Yes, I said spontaneous. Ed and I. We decided Friday night that we wanted to drive to the coast for some good food and a getaway. Mary Grace agreed to feed the animals and we were free. Earlier in the week my new rug came in. The dogs had really done in the old one. I decided to let it lie, untouched, unthrown-up on, unsmelled up and unfurred for a few more days.
So we took  off. I convinced Ed to stop at Crescent City Grill instead of Krystal. Yay!
Shrimp poboys. Ok, so the downside to spontaneity. We could not find a room on the beach. So we settled for this view. 

Yes that is the Krispy Kreme drive-through from our room at the Econolodge. Don't be jealous. Then we headed to one of our favorites...The Blowfly Inn.

Beautiful views of the bay.

Ed is still not over the Econolodge accomadations.

He began to get happy as the sun set and...

...these came.

This was the perfect seafood platter.

It was all good. We split it and there was still too much. I can't tell you how hot and great it all was. There was catfish, shrimp, oysters, little stuffed crabs, corn fritters and hushpuppies. Ahhh.

As we pulled into our home away from home I captured the sun setting on the palm the Krispy Kreme. Next morning I even managed to get a Cracker Barrel breakfast.
Mary Grace and Ryan's latest project. Kitchen perk up.

Old cabinets...

...getting painted.

Hardware sprayed,

They look good.
We got home and laid out the new rug. 5 minutes later Truff is on the job.

So adios, old friend. You were a beautiful rug. Sorry you were so mistreated and kicked to the curb. I like to picture some trash picker thinking they found a great looking rug. only to ride around the block and begin to realize the smelly reason for its disposal.