Monday, April 18, 2016

Blimps, gumbo and peas

Ok...I love blimps. I was driving along the other day and bam...a blimp. Flying by our famous Madison landmark. 

Got to do the flowers for little Rachel's prom after party. She was always the little  one of the kids! 

Got to help Amy again this year at a conference at Beau Rivage.  

Great view. Amy gave me her gulf view. 

Never got to go out there! It rained all week and we were so busy. 

This was my view for most of the week. 

Here I am hunkered down behind the desk at a reception. 

Ok. And this was our reward lunch before heading home. 

My favorite thing on the coast. 

Mom and I stopped at Freshway today and guess what they had!!  Fresh English peas. Only available for a couple of weeks here in the warm south. So good. Totally different from canned or frozen. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The ending

MmCleaning out is done. Items are priced. Peace is made with letting go of my Art Deco living room set. No one loved it but me. I really think that is a testament to my good taste, not the other way around. 

From the late 1920's to early 30's, Art Deco spanned the bridge from stuffy Victorian to the truly Modern period. 

My set sported a sofa, ladies chair and winged gentleman's chair. 

My goal was to find someone who loved it like I did. Thanks to Mary Grace and Ryan who hauled it to Sophie and Paul's house for Fondren Flea, a neighborhoodwide yard sale held on Zippety Doo Dah weekend. We started early. 

In true McNeil style , we all brought food. Doughnuts, pigs in blankets and sausage balls. We really should have talked. So we offered surplus doughnuts to customers. 

The sun rises on the offerings. A few things were snatched back. I kept getting sentimental. My mom's leather car coat???  Mostly though, we all let go. 

Sleepy cashiers. I told them to mind their chins. 

Ryan attracting customers in the chair. 

Near the end of the day a sweet young lady came by and fell I love with my furniture!!! She was a physical therapist who just moved to the area and was excited to buy it!! I'm so happy.               On another repurposing note. 

This furniture has moved from neighbor to neighbor. From Candy to Joyce to Candy to another neighbor. I'm sad to say this time waste management picked it up. Got Ed in the cleaning mode. 

Found two perfectly good Palm Pilots. Yikes.  What to do with those ??

Wow.   Look at the space. Candy and I participated in another spring ritual. 

Moore's nursery. 

It was gorgeous. Then met Anna for lunch at Local 463. 

Candy got the special Royal Red salad. 

Got my usual veggie plate. Toby got a fresh bag of food. 

He guards it until Ed puts it away. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Not the best few days. Followed perfect Easter lunch with colonoscopy prep. Clear liquids all day. 

Please tell me why jello even exists. The texture is ridiculous. I had to try something though. Some homemade turkey broth from the freezer saved me from starvation. 

Took a break before the big gulp on Amy's front porch in her new swing. Beautiful Trixie joined us.  And yes white wine IS a clear liquid. Headed home for a horrible evening of gagging down 2-4 liters of cold seawater. I flavored it with lemonade powder. It helped. I started coughing during it and figured the lemonade was irritating my throat. I will spare y'all all the details but to say I'm free and clear. See them in 10 years. The bad news is the cough was a virus coming on. Two days later here I sit. 

I even have fever. Ugh. Well the good news is...

...I've got my dog and a new Flavia book. 

Ivy took Toby to her apartment for a little bit. He rode in the car seat. ( it belongs to the little girl she nannys ).

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter weekend

Linda got to come for the weekend! Joe had mega choir duties so he told her to go have fun. We took her immediately to Saltine for oysters. 

Met up with Jan

She had oyster poboy, catfish, shrimp poboy and then boiled shrimp!  Easter brought us to the Patrick house. 

Daphne and Dupree were decked out in Easter kerchiefs.

Sophie and I showed up in almost the same outfit. 

Mom made the best of it in her boot. 

Mary Grace and Ryan's house looked great. Wish I had gotten group shots of everyone. Dad always made us line up for Easter pics. 

The table. We made  one big square. 

Ed gave Dupree some love. Obviously there are no grandkids here.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Finally to the lowest strata

Sophie's attic area was last. Each box was like a microcosm of a period in her life. 

Every time she moved, she left a box. 

I recognize that sun. 

And at the bottom of every box was a sock. In both attics. Now we know where the lost socks are. 

A bright spot in the week...Lucy home for her spring break. We took her to Bravo. 

Another favorite Easter project

Baskets for the children's shelter. Thanks to all who helped.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Ivy came by to finish off cleaning out her closet. Found this gem. 

List is almost done. 

Brody stopped to see Mamaw before getting in the car with Nana Jan, Cary and two cats to drive to his new home in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

He brought flowers for her. 

She got him a Curious George book that had to be read immediately.

I got him one dinosaur for each hand. 

One selfie for the road. 

What is the best spring vegetable? New potatoes of course. With butter, cream and fresh chives.