Sunday, November 22, 2015

Getting ready

So...getting myself all psyched up for major dental work, I set aside the afternoon for recovery. I was so relieved when the doctor said all I needed was a little filling root canal at all. Went home and presently heard someone at the door. It was Candy with flowers  to cheer me and gin to anesthetize me. Ooops. They will be enjoyed anyway. Look at the size of that bloom.
Hopefully getting ready for a fire outside on Thanksgiving night, Ed and I sawed up fallen limbs in the yard. Recent storms had brought down several big ones.

On to Lowe's for a fresh firepit.

Truffles is looking forward too it too.

Bought 4 chairs, planted pansies.

Even got a cute firebox.

Candy was about to throw it out.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween through All Saint's Day

I think I might start a new career as a professional colorer. Here is the result of a day of color therapy with Candy. The wine helped too.
Been checking on Patrick puppies and sending pics to concerned pet parents. You would think being in Ireland would take her mind off dogs.

I hope she had a great 25th birthday there.
Had fun Halloween night in Candy's front yard. Neighbors and friends but almost no trick or treaters.

Ivy with old friends Taylor and Jessie home from college.

so cute.

Brody was trying out his costume for me.

He was a giraffe.

Next day was All Saint's Day.

A little sad as we remembered church members who passed away this year.

We had two Ellis in the group with Irene and Ruby. Much missed Aunts.

Other names were pinned to a banner.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sewanee finale

 Here is the cemetery tour. The old gate welcomes us in.
I'm likin these lichens.
The afternoon light was so pretty.

Part of the Kirby-Smith plots. They use natural stones from the surrounding mountains.

A grandaddy long legs was sunning.

Loved the moss on this one.

Chris standing at the foot of the Kirby-Smith area.

The sky was so blue.

This was one of my favorites.

This is one of my last shots of our leader. We had a late lunch at the Pub. That is in the basement of the student union.

After a visit to his dorm, work place and a few other sights we headed to the hotel, exhausted. We were too tired to go out to eat so we ate snacks in the room and sipped a bit of Bombay Sapphire.
Our resting was disturbed by a girl's soccer team that moved in to the rest of our hotel floor. They were laughing and yelling and playing hide and seek. Candy called to complain that we could not sleep with all that racket. We felt a little sheepish when we looked at the clock and saw it was only 8:30!!!!  Oops, we are getting old.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More Sewanee

Here is the beautiful All Saint's Chapel at Sewanee. After Chris told us to take no pictures, I wasted no time snapping away.
It was gorgeous from end to end. I felt that this was such a holy space.

Candy and I just sat there weeping with emotion. You see, this honor that Christ received, The Order of the Gownsman, had also been given to his father and grandfather. I wish Bill could have been there to see it.

Loved this pin one of his fellow Angels was wearing. It says "This is what feminism looks like". Angels are like ambassadors and guides for events. We enjoyed seeing Chris filling his role.

Here he is pre event.

His mentor (and incidentally Bill's mentor) could not be there to give him his gown. One of the Deans stepped in to help. Smith (his mentor) gave Chris the gown he wore. It was very old and worn which is actually an honor .

Once they earn the gown, they can wear them to class. Proud Mom.

Also that day some people were given honorary degrees. Judy Woodruff, political correspondent, gave the address from this podium. I was sitting right there. I couldn't take a picture during the ceremony. She was great. Also honored was the professor on whom the book and movie, Dead Poets Society was based on.
Plaque on the wall in memorial to Chris' ancestor who was a founder of the college.

It was a beautiful day. That is Chris in the doorway of the chapel.

Check out the gown.

Very nice. A little piece came off of it and I tied it on my necklace as a rememberance.

And this was our view for the rest of the day. We struggled to keep up with him as he showed us around. More later and get ready for the cool cemetery.


After much struggling with my newly installed IOS10 or was it 9?, I'm back in blog business. These Sewanee images had to be painstakingly downloaded through email. Ugh, what is this , the dark ages? Anyway I'm busy so you will have to be satisfied with installments.
We arrived after getting lost just in time to see Chris for a few minutes before he had to head  to a formal dinner. He took us to a favorite spot looking off the mountain.

Here we are at the base of this huge cross.

He was right, the view is beautiful.

We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, The Blue Chair.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Weewagon tour

Met Jan last Saturday for a walk with Brody. We took what he calls his weewagon to the Summertree Lake. He was quite impressed by all the big rocks, not to mention "duck poop". We have a flock of Canada geese that come to the lake and Brody discovered their hangout. He could not get past stepping over droppings and had Jan carry him out of harm's way.
On the way home, we discovered a street filled with scarecrows.

I think they were a little daunting up close.

The next miraculous thing is his new swingset at Nana and T's house.

A big wavy slide. 

He went right up the ramp. So fun the see him discovering new things.
Come back to see Sewanee weekend. It is going to take me a bit to compose.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

more fall stuff

Mary Grace got a craving for Smokey Oats. Those are the chocolate peanut butter oat cookies that you cook on the stove.
Sophie and I came over to "help".


I came home inspired by the cooler weather.

Put up all my Halloween stuff.

This little rat used to frighten Sophie. I sent her this close up. He's got his eye on you.
Halloween is on Saturday this year. Hope we will have lots of trick or treaters.
And then this happened!! Ed made a small fire.

Here is what I did with the horse appples.

They looked good on the altar.

Missing Mom for church :(  We went to Saltine for lunch. It is very loud there, so it is not as great for her. We, even had trouble hearing. I got the Brunch oysters. That is a little poached quail egg atop the oyster with bacon.

MG got mussel stew and made quite the pile of shells!

Ed got a new high powered BB gun. I guess the squirrels are getting on his nerves. I took a turn shooting it. And yes that is one of my shots right there in the middle of our home made target. I have to admit some didn't make it in as well.