Saturday, June 25, 2016

The yard

Little friend in a pot on the deck 

Ed spent all day trimming and cleaning the yard. I was worried about him getting so hot. It was oppressive today. Here he and Truff admire his work. 

These cute little mushrooms came up in defiance of the heat. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

 Book club this month was at Bev's. 

Beautiful table. We read Pat Conroy's South of Broad in his honor following his death earlier this year. I'm sorry to say it was a stinker. His first 4-6 books were his best. 

A little nap with the usuals. Had Father's Day lunch at Sal and Phil's. Hence the nap. 

Gibbs the laid back dog. 

Candy's fabulous new wall hanging. 

She had been excited to share her new pool. 

She, I, Margaret and David watched the sunset. 

When the sun sank the pool lights came up. 

Bad pic but a strawberry moon came up. Look it up. It only happens every 19 years, when there is a full moon onthe summer solstice. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Day 5

Can't believe it's almost over. Here is dinner last night from our farm purchases. All credit goes to Mary Grace and Sophie. 

Morning puzzling results. 

Reading a good book. Truly a lay around day. MG and Ryan went horseback riding. 

We had all been looking forward to dinner at this restaurant down the road. 

It was lovely. 

Our view from the table. 

Pecan crusted trout. 

Ryan in the happy chair. 

Headed home tomorrow. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day 4

It's the End of day 3. Played a game that was basically Apples to apples for adults. So much laughter and fun. 

A little embarrassing at times. 

Sent the "kids" off tubing this morning. 

They had fun. 

Ed and I took a walk up the mountain. The lake is so green. 

This afternoon we headed to Mountain Valley Farms. 

Mary Grace loved this rescue horse. 

So sweet. 



More goats

Sheep. Newly shorn. 

Cow named Joy with her beautiful view. 

On the way back - drinks at the marina. Paul's looks toxic. 

We really were happy. Despite the looks. 

Wouldn't be serious. 

Back at base camp...Sophie's olive cheese bread. 

Thunderstorm was impressive on screened porch. Dinner will be on tomorrow's blog. All purchased at the farm!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Day 3

Today was train ride day. 

Browsed in Blue Ridge until departure time. 

Paul caught this reflection of us. 

A couple of mannequins in an outdoor outfitter store. 

Got off the train in two little towns that were in Tennessee and Georgia. 

A little shopping. 

Ryan in both states. 

The little towns did not have much to offer. After a Mexican lunch, some looking around and a cold beer after walking we renovated the train. 

The ride was beautiful. It ran alongside the Toccoa River. Pictures didn't do it justice. I included this one because you can see the little girl who became my friend on the trip. She had lots to say. 

We were crossing a steel bridge. 

Great view upriver. 

Back in town I walked into the jewelry store that time forgot. So of course I found a charm for my bracelet. 

A little deer to commemorate our trip. 

Back at the cabin for dinner.