Monday, March 30, 2015

guess who is in town

Lucy. Home from Springhill with a GPA of 3.95!
FYI  If you take a selfie with my phone to make it be my will also appear on my blog.

Gibbs was so happy.

Ellie wants some too.

Great stuff happening

Although the weather was warm, Junior stayed undercover.
Puppies like the sun.

Pepper even came out to the deck.

Why do we have such a tiny dog in such a big backyard? Can you even see him?

Took Pam on a tour of Sophie and Paul's yard this past weekend. She was delighted to see all the great plants coming out. She pointed out several special specimens. I  picked a little bouquet as we walked.

Went to the Pizza Shack Byram this morning to help Ryan hang the excellent art.

They made the wood panels from their old fence pickets.

Friend Emily painted them. There are a few more to come. Aren't they great?

Other side. At some point Ryan is going to build a screen to hide those shelves. It is coming along nicely though. Next  project...Pizza Shack Madison.

Here are some before pictures so y'all can see the progress.

Lots of room for art.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bedroom...little girl heaven

Ok...we are getting close to the inner sanctum. Let's leave the bathroom and turn right. The master bedroom. I only have two true memories of my granddaddy. One is of the watermelon in the backyard and the other is seeing him in his pajamas and ill with heart disease on the living room sofa. So these memories are post Hugh. The bedroom is dominated by the huge Art Deco style cannonball bedroom suite.

Those bedposts seemed huge to me. The vanity was the crowning jewel of the bedroom set. It had a huge mirror with wood beaded trim. It was very low and had a padded stool to sit on to gaze in the mirror. On either side was a rounded front drawer that held magical things. Things like nylons, scarves, rain bonnets and empty perfume bottles. These were added to make things smell good.

And let's don't forget the magical gold jewelry box that when you opened the top, a drawer opened.

After many years of heavy use for dress up at my mom's house, it belongs to Ivy. Here are some of the original earrings.

 I actually wore many of these in the 90's when bigger was better.

Big hair, big earrings.
 My grandmother worked in a downtown drugstore. In those days that was an elegant job. She worked in the old Petroleum building downtown. She called the customers her "oil men" . She sold them gifts for their wives and girlfriends. They loved her and reciprocated with lovely gifts to her. The perk to me was perfume bottles. She saved the pretty sample bottles for us girls. So sitting at her vanity was a look into a glamorous world.  Tiny lipstick samples, tiny perfumes bottles , it was all magical. I sat there many times with my baby cousins letting them brush my 70's long hair. I loved it.
  Oh, and in the closet were pointy high heels (so out in the 70's and 80's) , purses and let's don't forget the mink stole. I wore it at Mary Grace and Ryan's wedding.
There was also a big room sucking window fan in this room. Beautiful dresser that matched the bed and vanity.

 All reside in Jan's guest bedroom now. Guess I'll break here before I go on to "my" room. Jack's old room became the guest room in my day. Fun!

a little more Spring

Picked these camellias from a bush in Candy's yard. They were so perfect. I got one in each stage of opening and took them  to Mom. The cleverly named beta fish, Blueberry, hangs nearby.
She is decorated for Easter.

The weather was so nice that we ate outside on the terrace. They were setting up for a croquet tournament out by the lake. Staff and residents were milling around dressed in all white, getting excited about the event.

Sophie sent me a few pic of the great things that keep popping up in her inherited garden.

So many kinds of daffodils.

These Lenten roses are one of my favorites.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The in between spaces

Ok...ready to head back inside? Enter the back door, through the kitchen, dining room and living room. Take a right into the hallway. There is a round top niche here, built into the wall for the telephone. This is not where the phone was kept in my memory. It is on a phone table with a little seat built in. And make no mistake this is a major phone. Heavy enough to kill somebody. Not the old heavy plastic kind. This puppy was some kind of heavy metal, with a metal rotary dial. Next to the phone was a desk set, consisting of pencil holder, oval catch all and I can't remember what else. It was decorated with stamps from around the world. I still use it. Oh and an address book that had a little tab on the side that you slid up and down to select a letter of the alphabet. Then when you pushed a button it magically opened to the letter you were searching for. Very cool stuff. Oh, and be careful not to step on the floor furnace grate with bare feet.

A small (by today's standards) bathroom is right ahead. A big ole white cast iron tub, toilet and hanging heavy white sink with chrome finishes fill the room. Little white hexagon tiles line the floor. But the best part was the medicine cabinet. It was mounted above the sink and had a mirrored front. Inside were glass shelves. There was a slit in the back wall for used razor blades. That means in every house of this era razor blades were dropped into the wall space. Also of great interest to me was a little pot of butch wax. What is butch wax you ask? In the 1950's boys had short "crew" cuts. They made them stand up straight with the butch wax. Apparently Mamaw couldn't bear to throw away Jack's last jar. It became a little shrine to him. We all loved to open it and smell it. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring fever

Ok , I know , I know, I'm interrupting the story again but saw so many amazing things today. The weather was warm and clear. Started the day in the pool with the amazing Joanne, our tiny, cute, Thai water aerobics instructor. We all love her. She really kicks us into shape. Today she did kick boxing and tai chi in the water. Whoa. Then Candy and I consoled our selves with a healthy lunch.

Little Tokyo...our inconsistent friend. Great food, weird service. Headed to Callaway's  for Spring inspiration. Great stuff. This was great. Watering cans. Pigs for me. Gnomes for Sophie.
Violets blooming at home. I transplanted tons of these from Riverwood house. They only grow where they want to grow.

Some azaleas are emerging.
I'm sitting on the deck thinking spring and reading a spring magazine, but the deck still says winter.
Ugh. Will work on that later.
Now back to Brown tour...



As long as we are gazing out the back window let's take a trip out there. The door leads us to another set of steps. As a kid these seemed enormous. Huge hydrangeas flourish on either side of the steps. Beyond those to the left hibiscus tower. I've heard that Grandaddy used to capture bees in the huge blossoms to the grandkids delight to hear them buzzing inside the bloom. Under the massive tree with low spreading branches sat the picnic table. I remember watermelon being cut there. The yard was divided with a line of shrubs and canna lilies into two sections. I was too young to appreciate what all her gardens contained but I knew they were all beautiful. Mamaw provided the flowers for services and events at her church, so I know she must have grown fabulous flowers. I would be remiss if I did not mention the garage. It had a metal door that swung out and up. When that door opened an earthy smell rolled over you. The floor was plain dirt. Shelves held gardening supplies, tools and unused furniture. One piece of furniture there was an old wooden rocker. Story had it that someone had given it to Granddaddy in exchange for some cabinet work he did. I guess it was never used until Mom reclaimed it and "antiqued" it (Red Devil kit). I got it after that and stripped and recovered it.  Still love it.

Another aspect of the house that impressed me was the crawl space beneath the conventional foundation. Her house had a little higher space than ours and I liked to explore it. One time I found an entire rat skeleton preserved on a board. Kudos to my mom for letting me take my find home, and even to school for show and tell! Very gutsy Mom. I'm sure you had to have been horrified.