Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More eggsellent news...

...it happened.

One of Mary Grace and Ryan's chickens laid an egg. The next day I was over there and another one laid another one and I saw it happen! She seemed surprised by it. It is odd to me that they don't seem to feel motherly about the whole thing. Guess that is good though. More fun news from the farm.

Wedding registry at Belk. Y'all know I love eggplant, so it pains me to tell you of the crime I committed to one.

Found a recipe in Come On In (great cookbook). Oven fried eggplant sticks. Look good don't they? And hey no comments on the state of my pan. They were terrible. Hard crust , almost no texture to the eggplant. I tried comeback sauce, honey mustard, ketchup...all would have tasted better on cardboard strips. Guess I'll have to buy another eggplant and try to make it up to that vegetable.
Had coffee at the pool with Candy and her new boyfriend.
She likes them like her coffee...tall and dark.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

When life gives you lemons...

...make lemonade , the old adage goes. But what if life (and rushing in all hot and bothered from the grocery store) gives you half a dozen cracked eggs?
Boil them of course. They were not beautiful, but ...

...a quick makeover turns yummy.
Mary Grace, Sophie and I made a trek down Hwy 49 to shop at the flea market. It was so, so hot. No air conditioning of course. Found a few little things. Can't wait for y'all to see it all in November.
One more yummy summer favorite.

So apparently I have a new pet. Here he is in an ironic pose on a can of insect repellent.

He kind of scares me even though I know he is harmless. He moved on to my cactus plants. When you look at him he shakes his little praying hands at you in a menacing way.



Friday, July 25, 2014


Well, Ryan's loss has been my gain this week. He has been working nights this week training a new manager. Mary Grace has been working days, so they have been ships passing in the night. She came over twice this week for the evening. And guess who came with...

Daphne was exhausted by this point. She and Truffles were so hilarious playing in the den.
Made these crazy good mini meatloaf muffins.

Made with turkey, bread crumbs, a little leftover brown rice, barbeque sauce and even a secret layer of cheese in the middle. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014


I had you at Kitten didn't I? This is Bev's daughter, Ashley's new baby. He was so cute and playful. As we worked on bathroom design he just rolled and played everywhere we went. Here he was playing jungle cat.
Is there anything better than squash casserole? Maybe my healthy version.

I always laugh about Ed and his Dollartree shopping trips , but I have to admit this is a winner.

These are the best pretzels. Very skinny and crisp. Too bad I recently saw pretzels on a list of top ten things diabetics should not eat! They are basically nothing but white flour in a crunchy shell.

I love turtles and have had them as pets many times but this guy has me beat by a few years.
So the Froyo event went down.

Lucy graciously decided that, what was a few ounces among friends?

Monday, July 21, 2014

challenge results


Dang it! I did not quite make the 2 pound challenge. Lucy lost 4 pounds , I lost 1.6. She can't go for yogurt until Wednesday so maybe I can do it by then. Oh and by the way I had to walk over clothes and water covering the floor in Lucy and Chris' bathroom to get to the scale. Just saying.
Hey here is lunch.  Black bean , corn and grilled chicken quesadilla. These extra thin corn tortillas only have 40 calories each.

Dinner will be great. Have been nursing this 99cent pineapple for days.
It's all coming together

Teriyaki marinated chicken, onion and pepper, leftover sausage
So good, with brown rice, salad and lady peas

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pass a long plants

I know that we are a sentimental bunch...we Ellis's that is. After church this morning Mom gave this plant to Sophie.

It is the plant that we used for their wedding cake decorations. That's not it's only family connection though. Mom has had it for many years, first at Riverwood and the past 3 years on the balcony of St. C's. Before that it belonged to my sweet Aunt D...pot and all. It has to be 30 years old or more. It is in a clay strawberry pot which has little pockets in the sides. Let me know if you want a start from it!
For lunch after church we met MG and Ryan at Sal and Phil's. If you haven't been lately you need to go. 2 younger men have bought it and have made nice changes. The seafood is excellent and the homemade slaw is perfect. Mary Grace enjoyed crab legs (boy did she!). Ryan had stuffed crabs and Mom swooned over an oyster po boy. I had stuffed flounder.

Yes , that is crabmeat on top! The owners are friends of MG and Ryan and he comped the meal. So if you want a great meal patronize this old favorite with a new face.
Big disappointment at Freshmarket. I went for the Taste of Summer sampling event. I got there at 4:00 and summer was tasted out . There were empty tables strewn with crumbs and wilting garnish. I went to buy some cod for the grill which was on sale and a surly seafood worker said WE DON'T HAVE ANY! Yikes , must have been a crazy event. Got Ed a New York strip (they still had that) and boneless chicken thighs for me (and Ivy if she takes a break from potato chips as a steady diet).

I think they will be good...actually I know because I sneaked a bite...see it? I'm afraid to weigh tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'm not the biggest loser.

Here's the last dinner of the challenge week. If I don't lose 2 pounds, can I still get a medal for good try?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

New times and old times

Book Club at Sue's is always a treat, and a healthy one at that. I easily stayed on my best eating behavior. She started us off with juice shots. Pam had requested that she share her breakfast smoothie with us.
It has kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, lemon juice, avocado and I'm sure I left out something. Very tasty ...a little weird texture. She has this for breakfast and says she is not hungry until lunch!
Caesar salad , with homemade dressing and nutty croutons (no bread in them), mango salsa, quinoa salad and barbecued chicken strips. 

All so good. Did a little antiquing with Sophie and MG Saturday.

This gate was just like the one at our house on Meadowridge Drive. Pennants like these may appear at the wedding.

This was scary. Why does he need wheels?

I adore this old Art Deco clock and visit it when ever I am in the antique mall. Wish it was mine.

Oh , the perfect glasses for the wedding toast. The iridescent plastic ivy rose base is so Mary Grace and Ryan. Not.

Should have picked up this little gem, but was afraid he would get me in the night. You know how clowns are.

Biggest score ever. Sophie dug through a big old basket of linens when Mary Grace and I would have given up. Look at these gorgeous things! Exactly what we needed to solidify the look they want for the wedding. Don't want to show too much. Shhhhh.