Sunday, January 22, 2017



Ok... I love this magazine. And the new year editions are so inspiring. I can't wait to get started on my calm, organized and happy life.    


I mean look at Oprah! I somehow in all my Christmas ordering started getting People magazine. Usually relegated to waiting room fare. 


So....I decide I'll tear out a few good recipes. This looks good...who am I kidding? Ed and grapefruit avocado salsa?  No 



Animal House


New mantel   Just a bunch of old stuff. Put the fairy lights in my glass house. That greenery is yew from S&P's yard that we cut for Christmas. It lasts and grows. 


Look at this great pic of Truffles that Sophie took. It looks like a portrait. 


Toby in my lap. 


Then he got hot. 


Our 2 professional sofa smashers. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Rain showers and wedding showers


Got the perfect stamps for invitations. 


The colors matched perfectly. 


Pretty excited about my new rain boots. 


The weather cooperated. 


Very happy about Ivy's shower. What a beautiful invitation. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Cars, food and invites


To quote the Bible "well done good and faithful servant"   The PT Cruiser is sailing off into the horizon. It will become a "kidney" car. Donated to the Kidney Foundation it will benefit that charity. It served  2 daughters well. 


Italian soup. One of my favorites. 


Book Club at Bev's brought us comfort food. Roast beef and vegs. 


Roasted green beans and tomatoes. 


All so good. 


I could tell you this is my plate and it would be true but I had seconds too. 


Excellent book!!! 


Mystery package!! Not really, I knew what it was. 


Ahhhhhh!!!  Coming to a mailbox near you soon!! 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Notes from behind the mud wall


It got worse before it got better


More hole than earth in some spots


A face for every window in our house


The front mud wall. 


When I'm here the dogs and I have been hiding in the study. Thank goodness (I guess) for Ed's new 48" tv. You can hardly back up enough to view it. 


Filling it in finally. 


And then there's this. 


How am I going to keep the dogs off this?!?!?


Had to make an emergency trip to Meridian to get Ivy ready for class. Candy was sweet to ride with me. We made the most of it, as we do. 

Had never been to the "oldest restaurant in the state"   It was good. Each table gets a crock of peanut butter. Now for the moment you have all been waiting for...


Mom's new kitty!!  We went to Webster animal shelter, filled out a 6 page application form and were led to the cat room. So many precious babies but this one just fell in love with Mom. 


We took her home and she explored the apartment. 


She strolled through each room. 


We let her set the pace. 


She finally decided she liked this spot!! 


Can y'all even stand the cuteness? We FaceTimed Brody to let them meet her. 


She still has a little battle scar from a bad foster situation. Apparently dominant cats there gave her a tough time. I think I see relief on her face. 


Then she tried this spot. 


Then this spot (Mom's bed)


Then this spot (guest bed). I think they are lucky to have found each other. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Long time no blog

So, where did I leave off? Took hardly any pictures Christmas Day. 


This pretty much sums up the weather. Fire, shorts and flip flops. 


Lunch at the Norwood's. My embarrassing middle school project, "aka Kissing Santa" made his annual appearance. 


Looks like Truffles recreated the classic pose of our sweet Spike from years ago. 


How cute is that? Still miss him. 

Fun gift the Wolfs got me from Trader Joe's 


Maybe I should be embarrassed about this custom coaster...but I'm not. 


Then on the day after Christmas all the cousins arrived.  Parker meets new cousin Leila. 


So cute. Shortly after this big brother came over and helpfully showed her how to properly use this toy. 


Brody gets pumped up. 


Lorelei serving up soup. 


Andrew swinging his sis, Karis. 


The balmy weather was great for the kids. 


The big boys. 


So cute. 


Cameron is the best pusher. 


Notice anything missing? 


Foundation work, round 4. 


Then it rained and holes (21) filled with orange water. 


Holes covered at night. If Toby fell in there , he would be lost. 


This showed up next. 


More hole than ground. 




A successful shopping trip for Mary Grace was led by should be professional shopper, Sophie. I got to tag along. We celebrated with lunch at Surin. This soup is addictive. 


Thai barbecue chicken. 


Had a fun walk at Liberty Park before sending them home to Indiana. 


Never walked this trail. Dotted with lakes and....


and waterfalls. 


And beautiful landmarks in the distance. 


We tried out the playground.