Thursday, October 23, 2014

This is it...

...I think. I'm pretty sure this is the last list before wedding things are done.
We have crossed off most of these already. It has all been so much fun and we are ready to enjoy the events to come. So, headed out to accomplish a few more things. Here are some yard fresh eggs in a broccoli, ham and mushroom quiche.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Been busy

Well it has been a long time between posts for me. I have been having so much fun doing wedding stuff with Mary Grace. We are on the home stretch now with less than 2 weeks left. We have gotten so much done. There are so many little things to think about, even though they wanted a very simple wedding. Another bonus is getting to see grandogs a bit more too.
Had a topless homemade egg mcmuffin.
These two thought it smelled good.
Bill used to say about begging dogs under the table "They are like catfish circling under the dock"

The weather has been so beautiful lately, that Mary Grace had a great idea for after church lunch.

A picnic at the old Pearl River Methodist Church.

She packed us a lunch and it was so great. Sophie and Paul were with his family in Richland (they switch off between them and us every Sunday). And Mom was a little under the weather, so it was just the 3 of us.
We explored the old graveyard.

Next time we will take everyone.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fun things

To start off, I got to see my old friend Jennie. Well it looks like I'm the old one here. I told Jennie that she had obviously made a deal with the devil not to age. We had fun catching up.
The next fun thing was Mary Grace's Bachelorette dinner and Lingerie shower hosted by Maid of Honor, Sophie. We had dinner at Babalu.

Lucy wasn't able to come, but MG invited me to come. Isn't that sweet.

Back to Sophie's house for champagne and dessert.

Sisters and sister cousin
Diamond "rings"
brownie bites with cream cheese frosting and cookie bark too. I indulged a little.

She got to wear this beautiful veil that said "I do".
Great garland Sophie (and Paul) made.

Sophie reading wedding Madlibs. It is a word game where you blindly fill in sentences. Very funny. It used to be one of their favorites when we traveled in the car.
She got some beautiful things. You have to kind of force MG to dress up, you know.

Next fun hair trial. Her high school friend, Larson is a stylist now . She did hair and make up.

Next fun thing...boiled peanuts. The state game is on and they are doing well. So there.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Last blast

Friend Amy wanted to do something special for Mary Grace before her wedding in 25!! days. She found us lovely rooms at the Bowie Tavern overlooking the river in Natchez. MG and I took a walk while Candy took a nap when we got there before Amy.
View from our balcony
Taking care of important things
Next morning, ready to roll.
It was so cool out and Candy only brought sleeveless tops.
The bride to be at a sumptuous breakfast.
The Tavern is connected with Dunlieth Mansion so that is where the breakfast buffet is served.

I regret nothing...well maybe a little bit. Hope my dress for the wedding fits.

The grounds were beautiful. It was cool and clear.

Then a bit of strolling the town. All the merchants had open doors and you could hear State winning all over town! Candy is the only serious shopper in this group. These two mainly found things to laugh about. Speaking of laughing...
This may be the worst use of pigs and apples I have ever seen. They were made of rose petals. Decided not to buy it.

Decided to pass on this too.
Great lunch spot. Felt like New Orleans. Breaud's

Why we went...oysters.
These two cute dogs were napping in a store window.

Went in and of course they loved Mary Grace. The owners run a gallery and take their dogs to work.

Had to check out the newly reopened King's Tavern. Still didn't see or hear ghosts.

Here is the hallway outside our doors where we stayed.

Gorgeous heart pine. Amy had suggested we bring roller skates.

One last look. Goodbye, river. Great trip.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sweat shop

I have been searching the internet for wedding pennants. I could not find just what Mary Grace wanted....which is simple, simple, simple. Then I did research for do it yourself ones. Friends,  Anna  and Candy offered their help and we set up shop at Anna's house.
Here was the prototype. We tweaked it a bit and got to work producing.

I used 4 different off white fabrics.

The Cutter

The Presser

The Dog

My station...I was the Stringer. You will have to see the finished product floating in the breeze at the wedding.
Meant to post this last time.
These were huge persimmons that Pam had. They were lovely and delicious That is my bite there.  Emily, who was at the shower had me send her this picture to paint. She paints beautifully.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Most fabulous shower ever!

Seven of my dear friends banded together to throw a beautiful shower for Mary Grace and Ryan. They all have talents in many areas and it certainly showed. Since the honeymoon will be in Italy and Greece, they decided to serve Italian fare. Pam's over a century old farmhouse was a beautiful backdrop. Here is the food table.
From antipasti, cheeses, marinated olives and veggies, cheese spread with pesto, gorgeous fruit, rosemary cashews to decadent desserts, it was wonderful.

Check out those little velvet pumpkins. I told Pam I wanted to take them home and sleep with them!

Here are the sweets.

See the little mice.

Candy was the bartender on the porch and found a short cut.

They had lemoncello and lemonade and a punch that is MG and Ryan's favorite. It is made with champagne and elderflower liqueur. Yummy.

It was lovely in Candy's mom's Croatian punch bowl.
Look at the surprise guest!
Sophie, Vick, MG and Cary on the porch.


Mary Grace suggesting that Ryan stay in line or this skillet may come in handy.

They loved the shish kebab skewers I gave them. It was a bit humbling when I wanted to get them some just like I got from my sister Linda early in our marriage. They were listed as "vintage" on ebay. Ha ha.

Ivy hard at work on the bouquet made of ribbons and bows. Will be used by the proxy bride.

They were so happy  !